AADB Projects

aadb_headerAADB wants to help Bangou become the best village in Cameroon. We do this by:

  1. Supporting cultural, education, and health projects
  2. Building the American-Bangou relationship.


Below are a list of projects we have contributed to:

  • December 2007: Cadeaux for kids, Christmas presents for 6 needy families.
  • March 2008: Built public latrine
  • June 2008: AADB Scholarship
  • December 2008: Donated a generator to the Bangou Chief
  • February 2009: Bangou-ville Computer lab
  • July 2009: Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship
  • August 2009: Business classes sponsored by AADB
  • September 2010: Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship
  • September 2011: Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship
  • December 2011: Tchi tchi village water well
  • September 2012: Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship
  • September 2013: Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship

Upcoming projects: Continuing the annual Anthony Rodriguez Scholarship, help in expanding “La Life” Clinic, support future cultural events and exchanges.

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